Jason Rukman

I have a track record that shows my ability to innovate, implement and collaborate as needed to bring the right solution to market. 

I have submitted and received several patents throughout my career. I love collaborating with others to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems.


Ucodemy - Co-founder, 2015 - Present

I designed and created the digital product iTCH in use worldwide by hundreds of thousands of students.

I became a proficient instructional designer creating and collaborating with teachers to create the K12 computer science curriculum here.

Bsquare - Director of Product Development, 2009 - 2014

Architect, Manager and contributor for various teams for professional services and product development.

Product development scheduling, planning and product prioritization.

Internet of Things (IoT). 

Open Source Webkit, mostly with C++ and Android.

Some of my many projects can be seen here.

Medio - Director of Portfolio Management, 2007 - 2009

Created and optimized lines of business for mobile advertising

Suhari - CEO and Co-founder, 2005 - 2007

CEO & Co-founder, providing an end-to-end mobile advertising solution. 

Sold this company and technology to Medio Systems, later acquired by Nokia.

Articles on this sale and product here.

Openwave Systems Inc - Software Architect, 1998 - 2005

Our software shipped in over 1 billion devices worldwide.

Responsible for many parts of the architecture and the development of an embedded mobile browser and application framework.

Some technologies we used: DRM (Digital Rights Management) MMS, SMS/EMS, IMAP, POP3/SMTP, IMAP, WAP.

Apple Computer - Senior Software Engineer, 1995 - 1998

Senior Software Engineer for the Apple Newton operating system networking and communications OS stack.


Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science)

With Distinction

Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)

Second Class Hours Division A


Technologies Languages
Soft Skills
Git C/C++ Product Development
Bootstrap Javascript Mobile/Wireless Applications
jQuery Python Instructional Design
Django HTML5 Engineering Management
nodeJS CSS Business Development
Marketing / SEO / SEM
Software Architecture


  • Scrum Master


  • US Patent 20100169417 - Unified and best messaging systems for communication devices
  • US Patent 20040185883 - System and method for threading short message service (SMS) messages with multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages


Steven Yee

VP Engineering

Not only Jason is a great technologist, he is a great team leader and team player. I was lucky to have a chance to work with Jason for more than 4 years at BSQUARE. He managed multiple large-scale projects and was never afraid to take on any challenges. Jason has incredible customer facing skills and has always became the trusted technology adviser for the customers on any project he worked on. Jason is a great guy to work with and brings a lot of positive energy to the office which is something I certainly miss :)

Barry Chu

VP Business Development

I have worked with Jason for over 2 years. Jason has been an exceptional talent and brings a multitude of capabilities to bear. He is an extremely talented technologist, has a keen analytical mind, and sound business sense. Jason is the consummate problem solver and independent thinker and has been at the forefront of resolving a number of different issues ranging from product issues to more mundane operational/logistical issues. He is highly recommended.

Sebastian Beresniewicz

Employee/SW Engineer

Jason is a very approachable and intelligent manager. He has exceptional organizational skills which I often observed made his teams run very smoothly. The best part about his abilities is he uses them in a very down-to-earth manner which makes him easy to work for.